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Shooting in Solitude

I don’t mind, I don’t mind
This wasted, shaded daylight

Stars “Wasted Daylight”

I had a bug. Not a literal bug or a sick bug, but the kinda bug that doesn’t cease nagging you until you commit to doing what it wants. I had to go shooting – with my camera. Well, my phone actually.

This action of going out to take photos on my own was a monumental feat for me because I typically like to go out with friends. Whether it’s a social anxiety thing or a comfort thing, I don’t know. Nor do I care because I was able to go out and take photos by myself.

Admittedly, it was baby steps. It was a weekday and I went to a quieter area of the beach where there were only a few others around.

I like to imagine in the photo above this man watching the kids playing on the beach reminiscing about either his own childhood or that of his now grown children.

Eventually, the man approached me. Had he known I snapped that photo of him? I’m not sure as his curiosity was about the price of these condos. I informed him I wasn’t sure, but he seemed not to believe me when he rephrased his question. I told him there is a number he can call and he nodded walking away. 

Featured Photo & Following Photos: Sarah Nykki © 2017.
Camera: Pixel 2.